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Prove your big brother wrong: you can play football as well as anyone!

Become a member of the Scottish Womens Football Team today!

This team started with a small dream and turned out to be a huge success. Just a group of friends who got together. With time, more women became interested. Women like you. You can be the next person to join this fabulous group of women. Women who not only play the sport they love, but also form a strong sisterhood.

Football has become a very important part of lots of industries. It has given birth to, for example, football-themed video games. These are a huge success as they imitate the football experience almost identically. 

This football team is just another one of the things that football has given place to. We are very excited to have this team growing more and more with time. You can become a part of this. 

Here are 5 reasons why you should sign up TODAY.

1. You know you want to. You love football. You know everyone's moves from Messi to Ronaldo. You remember the scores from matches that were played before you were even born. You shout goals as if there is no tomorrow. You are already a great player in your mind. The only thing you are missing is to actually play. 

2. You exercise and you have fun. This is what you need. You are tired from paying a gym you never go to. Tired of not fitting in those tight jeans that looked so good on you just a year ago. Tired of your mother telling you how your cousin has dropped 5 pounds from an easy diet you could do. There is actually a way of working out and having fun at the same time. When playing in the Scottish Womens Football Team you will not even realize you are working out. 

3. Know people who share your passion for football.  Women from all over the region come to play the sport they love. You can meet people with the same interests than you. Create a circle that has nothing to do with your work or your family. You can make new friends. Bonds that are created through football are hard to break. Create a team inside and outside the court. 

4. How long are you going to keep listening to men saying women cannot do certain things? Prove everyone wrong. Women can be as good as men in football. Maybe even better. You can be better. 

5. Make something happen for yourself. If you want something to change, then walk differently. Do not just sit there and complain. Playing this sport will help your well-being. You will feel healthier and happier. Have something to look forward to every week. You will notice how everything begins to brighten up with time. 

What more do you need? There are no excuses. You do not have to meet any specific requirements. Just be willing to learn and have lots of fun. Make your dream come true. 

What are you waiting for? Sign up now and begin to change your life. Hurry! 


Hear what our team members have to say about us.

"Scottish Womens Football has given me so much. I love the people I have met. I love hanging out with my team and playing XBOX and PS. It has brought me closer to my passion for football. I strongly recommend anyone who likes sports to join, specially if you are a football fan!"
By By Maisie Nolan

"My life has changed ever since I joined this team. I started playing football because I wanted to lose some weight. Not only did I lose weight, but I gained new friends. I have discovered a new world. This sport has helped me live a much more healthier life. Thank you Scottish Womens Football team! "
By Katherine Nelson

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